All About Us

Facilitating The Evolution of Human Consciousness
. . .One Mind, One Heart, One Life, One Spirit at a time.


Founded by Annetta Sykes in 2005 and formerly 99Billion Better. changed to 99Billion Better Behavior Support & Learning Center, offers a variety of programs,classes, workshops and relationship building tools, based on counseling theories, scientific and universal laws, and spiritual principles. Our offerings are designed to facilitate and support Personal Development and Spiritual Evolution. We believe that personal well-being and spiritual unfolding is a function of knowing who you are. your Authentic Identity; why you are on the planet - your Life's Purpose and the role you play in the divine order of life - your Inter-Connectedness to Source/God. We believe that the recognition and understanding of how universal laws and spiritual principles operate in your life leads to spiritual knowledge and fulfillment. Fulfillment, as we understand it, is the ability of the individual to experience and express peace, joy and love in every aspect of their lives.

99Billion Better Pathways is not a religious organization. We are professional counselors, educators, business, a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic network of individuals who embrace and practice acceptance/tolerance, empathy, genuineness, education, choices, consequences, and results. Our desire is to provide access to information and services that assists and supports the growth of all people resulting in the evolution of humanity. We believe in individuality and oneness, couples, triads, and collaboration.

At 99Billion Better Pathways we believe that with the renewal of the mind, thinking differently through development and disciplining of the mind, we can feel better, positive, and behave better toward our self, others, and in the community. We become aware of our connection to the Source/God; our inter-connectedness to one another and our individual life's purpose. When an individual is on purpose s/he is empowered to create and manifest his/her own unique experience and expression in life. Ultimately, we are all here to make a valuable contribution to one another and the world. We believe that the ability to contribute begins with personal healing and spiritual growth. We believe that living in alignment with spiritual law activates the recognition and ability to embrace spiritual principles that result in healing and growth. We endeavor to facilitate, support and advance healing and growth One Mind, One Heart, One Life, One Spirit at a time.

We welcome you to 99Billion Better Pathways!