Professional Students

Sorry this program is currently suspended. We hope to began soon.
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Professional Students is an alternative off-site community based classroom for at risk students. This program is geared for Students with IEPs. Our mission is to prepare students to be independent and career ready. Professional Students provides a non-traditional holistic approach to educate, cultivate, and train students between secondary and post-secondary activities. Skills learned will have some potential for both immediate and long term application in the students’ home and community.

Service Categories: Academic, Vocational Training, Recreation/Leisure, Social

Eligibility requirement: Be between the ages of 16-21 year old with an IEP and a desire to complete high school. Have the ability to use public transportation.

Hours of Operation: 7:30 a.m. - 2:30p.m. Monday through Friday

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Description of Education Services Provided

  1.  Academics based on course level expectations (CLE), SLPS mandates, and/or IEP goals.
  2. Computer-Aided Instruction – Students will use a variety of educational software programs, keyboarding, and typing skills
  3. Personal Finance – Learn to budget income by paying bills, planning, purchasing, keeping checkbook, writing checks and balancing checkbook.
  4. Practical/Critical Reading – Master literacy necessary for daily living in the work place and community setting.
  5. Focus Reading and History – Students will focus on neighborhoods throughout the city of St. Louis, complete research, and create videos.

6.   Current Events – Students will read and discuss local, national, and world events using newspapers and news magazines.
7.   Telemarketing – Students will use a script and market products.
8.   Character Education – Students will learn 12 character traits and create personal videos, calendars, etc.
9.   Hospitality –Students will assist at 99Billion Better annual banquet.
10. Science – Multi- science projects involving investigation, scientific methos, theories, the environment, and empirical research.
11. Business Management – Basic business practices: Getting an EIN, filing forms with the Secretary of State, Buiness Plans, Marketing, etc.